How To Save Money At The Dry Cleaners

How To Save Money At The Dry CleanersGoing to the dry cleaners each week has proved too expensive! In order to minimize your dry cleaning bill, you need to take proper care of your clothes. Take the extra time to hang every piece of clothing immediately after you wear it. Be sure to immediately treat any stains with water or a stain removal product. Spritz your clothes with Febreeze and air them out. And don’t forget the helpful steam mode on your iron – it will remove wrinkles quickly.

Remember to compare prices and specials at your local cleaners. You can reap substantial savings at the end of the year by using a dry cleaner that offers two-for-one specials on selected items and on specific days. It requires some planning but your wallet will love you for it! Models and actors who want to look their very best at a go-see or audition, know the benefits of taking their ‘lucky’ clothes to the cleaners when necessary

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  1. christopher lewis says:

    it always amazies me how people dont take good care of thier clothes.its a models job.

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