Male Model Beauty Tips

  • Male Model Beauty TipsTHE PEANUT – The best little trimmer out there. You can trim anything that needs trimming.
  • PSSSSST! –Dry shampoo that sucks up excess oil.
  • TAN TOWEL – Since we all know the sun and tanning booths are dangerous to your health, use a Tan Towel for a natural color.
  • AQUA VELVA – A tried and true after shave that eliminates razor bumps.
  • MICRODERMABRASION – A ‘lunch hour’ deep cleaning facial that will make your skin super smooth. It should only be performed by a doctor or licensed (and experienced) aesthetician!
  • BUSHY EYEBROWS – Pluck or wax them but do something to keep them under control.
  • CLARISONIC BRUSH – Washing your face twice a day using the Clarisonic brush will keep your skin clean, smooth and photo ready.
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  1. LauraVelle says:

    These tips are helpful for males, they can use these tips for taking care of they’re skin.

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