TV Commercial Acting

TV COMMERCIAL ACTING More money is made by actors in TV commercials than by actors in all stage plays combined and believe it or not, more money is made by actors in commercials than in all feature films combined, including all video and DVD sales nationally and internationally.

Commercials employ more actors than do televisions shows and feature films! A TV show may only air once or a few times whereas a TV commercial (if not a buy-out) can air many times a day, for many years, which means the actor is getting paid every time it airs even though he/she may have only worked a few hours or a day filming the commercial!

The pay is so exceptional for acting in commercials that many star actors are now begging to do commercials!

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3 Responses to TV Commercial Acting

  1. Carmel Julet Morman says:

    Hello, I understand you all were trying to contact me by phone, I apologize that my phone is disconnected, and my only source for right now is to contact me by e-mail. As you may know I reside in Brunswick, Georgia.

    I has always been my dream to Act, to be an Actress. I believe I could make it being an Actress. Hope it’s not too late for me to try, I’m 46 years old, well it’s never too late to try and start, never know how it may turn out for me.

    I would love to join you all once again. I have visit back in 2011, but never went through with it, due to my work schedule. Please let me know when you would like for me to come, and I will try my best to work something out.

    Thank You So Much,

    Carmel Julet Morman

  2. Carmel Julet Morman says:

    Please excused my typing. I meant to say “It have always been my dream to Act.

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