Female Model’s Tote Bag

model tote bagFrom the start of a model’s career, she must build a ‘tote bag’ and stock it with all the tools of the trade. The bag should be light weight, waterproof, large enough to hold a portfolio and have a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It should be with the model at all times (on jobs, testings and go-sees). Every night the tote bag should be checked and restocked if necessary.

The minimum items listed below will get you started on your tote bag!

  • Portfolio
  • Composite Cards
  • Voucher Book
  • Appointment Book
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Basic Makeup Items
  • Basic Skin Care Items
  • Basic Hair Care Items
  • Basic Nail Care Items
  • Undergarments in Black and Nude
  • Shoes (black heels, black flats, sandals)
  • Miscellaneous Items (sewing kit, scissors, scarf to protect hair)
  • Small Mirror
  • Sunglasses
  • Breath Mints


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