Professional Modeling Height Requirements

professional modeling height requirementsHigh Fashion/Editorial Model:

  • Female:  5’8 – 6’0
  • Male:  5’11 – 6’1

Commercial Print Model:

  • Female:  5’7 – 5’8
  • Male:  5’11 – 6’1

Petite Model:

  • Female:  5’5 – 5’8

Plus-Size Model:

  • Female:  5’8 – 6’2

Big & Tall Male Model:

  • Minimum height of 6’2

Promotional Model:

  • Many clients prefer tall models because they are easier to see in a crowd. However, it is not a definite requirement to be tall.

Art Model:

  • No height requirement for art models

Part’s Model:

  • A particular height is NOT a requirement. Instead, your hands, feet, nails, teeth, neck, arms, legs, etc. could lead to a modeling career as a part’s model!

REMEMBER……..The modeling industry frequently makes exceptions to the height requirements. If someone says you are too short or too tall, don’t listen! Keep following your dream and don’t give up.


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11 Responses to Professional Modeling Height Requirements

  1. Levenell Stukes says:

    Thank You.

  2. karan says:

    my height is 5 10, can i do modelling??

  3. lafayette lafontaine pride says:

    i’am 5.8 is that too short?

  4. Atlcharm says:

    Hi there! Thanks so much for this blog. I am 35, 5’5” and wear a size 2 dress. I just finally got the guts to pursue modeling. It’s been heavy on my heart for years. I know that my age and height puts me into the commercial lifestyle sphere of things. Problem is, how do I get experience? I started a Model Mayhem account but most of the photographers are fashion or glamour focused. Would it be beneficial to take these jobs just to get comfort and experience in front of the camera? How do I get commercial lifestyle experience?

    Also, even though I am small and look great in form fitting and even very little clothing, my body is not exactly swimsuit ready. Does it make sense to send my stuff to agencies now in just leggings (or tight jeans) and a tank? Or should I wait until I’m able to submit swimsuit photos? At my age, I’ll probably play somebody’s mama anyway, not much swimsuit  I’m afraid to wait because right now I’m not employed so it would be a good time to gauge the interest and hopefully get some callbacks. If I wait until October (my body should be tight be then and ready for swimwear) I may be stuck at a full time job again. Also, should I wait to submit photos to agencies before I have experience or do I go ahead and do it now?

    Last question! How do I find a photographer that focuses in lifestyle photography so that I can get some composites. How do I get experience in commercial modeling when everyone on model mayhem wants to shoot fashion and glamour. Sorry for the 20 questions but I appreciate you!

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    Hello :)

    I am approx 5’5 and 110 lbs. I’ve been wanting to pursue modelling for quite awhile now and I was wondering if I fit into any of the modelling catergories for JCI? Please let me know!

  6. nieara says:

    i Am 5’7 and weight 151 i have some tattos can i model

  7. rizwan says:

    hey sir im rizwan from pak my haight 6.1 my look like a nice model pls give me 1 chane thnx

  8. rizwan says:

    sir my haight 6.1 my facebook email i want to apply modeling pls give me 1 chance thnkx . there are my some pics there are my same photos on facebook thnkx

  9. ashish says:

    hello sir my height 5.8 =chest 38= biceps 14=and 6 pack aane wala hai 2month me sir mujhe bachpan se model ka sapna dekha hai aur mai banunga plz sir give me one chance sir…..

  10. Aman verma says:

    Hy i m aman , i wnt 2 be a model height 5’10 , i wanna chance

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I have been contemplating modeling as a possible future profession but I have a few questions regarding it. Currently I am a female teen who is 5″7″ and weighing alternately between 110 and 120. If I was to purse modeling would I need to grow taller or lose weight. I would prefer to stay healthy to prevent health issues and I am already considered under weight without starving myself although that is most likely due to the quick metabolism I inherited from both of my parents.

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