Ten Smart Beauty Resolutions For 2012!

  1. Red lipstickClean out 2011 makeup especially if your mascara is more than 6 months old
  2. Buy moisturizer with SPF
  3. Wear red lipstick to brighten your face
  4. Stop wearing false eyelashes
  5. Go Green – buy eco-friendly products
  6. Keep your hands off your face – no more picking!
  7. Give hair a break from straightening and highlights
  8. Embrace a clean, healthy and radiant look instead of so much makeup
  9. Get your beauty rest
  10. Do something nice for a stranger – it makes you a beautiful person!


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2 Responses to Ten Smart Beauty Resolutions For 2012!

  1. Juana says:

    This tips Really did help me to show more beauty and be more Natural instead of wearing to much make-up like some girl at my school that people just stay like wow what happen to her face.

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