How To Walk The Runway – Smile Or Not Smile?

Runway ExpressionsMost high fashion designers take their clothing line seriously and typically require their models to not smile while walking down the runway. The idea is that the audience will look solely at the fashion designs and not concentrate on the model’s face or personality. In other words, the models become walking mannequins. The exception would be a designer like Betsy Johnson! Her fashions are all about having fun. In fact, Betsy does her famous cartwheel after every runway show!

Commercial print modeling is all about selling a product and most models are required to smile and look friendly. Your local department store runway shows are more relaxed and you will see more smiling models working the runway.

If you are booked for a runway show the designer and/or choreographer will tell you precisely what type of facial expressions that want you to project.


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5 Responses to How To Walk The Runway – Smile Or Not Smile?

  1. Elena says:

    OMG! I’m dying to be part of Jonh Casablacas! My best friend is a model but I want to be more, I hope you take me in. I don’t want to be better than her but I want to be sort of like the same. Hope to here back from you. Tootles!
    –<3 Elena

  2. Ateasha Tensley says:

    John Casablancas is the best to me, and i’m not all the way there yet. Modeling is my LIFE, PASSION, MIND, HEART, AND MY SOUL! I love it like crazy. when i first heard about J.Casablancas I was EXTREMELY excited. My sister is taking classes there and they are amazing, and when she told me I almost screamed! :) YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST AND “NO ONE” DOES IT BETTER!!!! :-) ))

  3. Ateasha Tensley says:

    My sister and cousin are models and of course i want to be better if i can, i mean, I wouldn’t turn that opportunity down. If I had the chance, I garentee that it would-in fact be worth everyones’ while.! HOPE TO BE WITH YOU ALL VERY SOON!

  4. tiffany says:

    i love all acting tips no i love to smile so i would always have a smile

  5. pariasha says:


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