kids actingChild actors are hired to play children in film, television, commercials and stage. The best time to start acting is when you are a child. This is because the entertainment industry is always looking for the next child star. There are always more acting roles for kids than there are for adults. 

If you are a parent looking to get your kids into acting it would best to get your child into acting classes. Talent agents and casting directors love kids that have outgoing personalities, a great look and have a life outside of their acting interests  such as extracurricular activities. Having a maturity beyond their years will also be necessary. This can help with the audition process and when your child gets on the set. 

The only way to score legitimate work for your child and get acting parts is to get a talent agent.

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4 Responses to ACTING FOR KIDS!

  1. Schubert Buhuru says:

    hey, im a teen upcoming actress, and i was asking where this sites is from cause i live outside the states but i can send in acting tapes i’ve made, and if you wanna see if i’m good enough for you guys you can ask me to play a wished acting script that i can record and send it. I Have a Acting Resume Where do i send that in?

  2. mychild would like to be in a tv commerical and she is very active also she is very good at memerizeing things so get with me whenever you can.

  3. kiyah mcknight says:

    hey im 11 and I always wanted to be an actress. All my life I’ve watched TV and I always said the same thing over and over again “Wow it would be great if that was me” My talent is that I can sing very well and I can act super good and im never ganna give up until my dream comes true. it would be an honor to be on TV I hope u understand

  4. Samantha says:

    Hi my daughter Samantha goes do your school but we haven’t been able to go because of family issues so I want to know if there was a way were she can do what she has to do to graduate

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