Top Ten Photo Shoot Wardrobe Tips

To achieve good photos it is important to be prepared for your photo shoot. photo shoot wardrobe

  • Select looks that emphasize your style, look and marketability. Dress AGE APPROPRIATE! In other words, if you are 13 years old, don’t try to look like you are 20 years old!
  • Arrive at the photo shoot prepared for anything.
  • Opt for bright colors and a variety of textures, fabrics and patterns.
  • Remember to avoid strong prints or bold patterns as they tend to distract from the face and will date the photos.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed – no wrinkles!
  • Keep jewelry at a minimum – remember that jewelry, especially costume jewelry, can date your photos
  • Make sure your shoes are as dark if not darker than your hemline. This will make your legs look longer.
  • Fingernails should be of moderate length, well manicured and look natural.
  • Avoid bright colors (opt for a neutral shade) and no air brushed designs on nails
  • Makeup should be natural looking – no heavy eye makeup!
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3 Responses to Top Ten Photo Shoot Wardrobe Tips

  1. sabrina says:

    Im a little confused… one of the first tips say to “opt for bright colors…” then a tip at the bottom says not to opt for bright colors. I understand each but I just thought it a little funny it says both to and not to go for bright colors, LOL! Either way these are very helpful tips! Thanks!

  2. sabrina says:

    my bad I see it says finger nails on the bottom one, oh well its very late, maybe I should go to sleep now!

  3. Deej says:

    I am a John Casablancas student and my photo shoot is coming. So I’m thinking about getting my ears pierced. Will this be a problem?

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