What Is Runway Modeling?

Runway ModelingRunway modeling is a visual art form for presenting line, motion and attitude. The goal is to bring to life, using the ultimate representation of poise, posture and natural expressions.  It’s an art that, in one single presentation sells, entertains, and represents the client, agent and the model”….Dwight Jordan, Runway Coach Extraordinaire 

To succeed as a runway model requires intelligence, creativity and talent. The model is a real “artist” who must achieve the following: 

  • Sell the merchandise by presenting it with only the use of the body and an occasional prop, but without the use of voice.


  • Entertain the audience, capturing their attention and holding it from the moment the entrance is made on the runway to the exit. To achieve this, the model must rely on their skills, imagination and attitudes.  A different attitude may be needed each time she/he appears on the runway.


  • Represent the client (hoping to be hired again), the agent (getting the best results and increasing the possibilities of future employment) and themselves (creating her/his own demand by working hard to create an individual style).
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4 Responses to What Is Runway Modeling?

  1. DeAnna Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much for the clarification. There are so many that don’t take runway modeling seriously. It’s an art; as you said an art without voice; the universal language of impression; the ability to capture, stun, and release; leaving behind intrigue and wonder; making the audience of one or many wanting to see you and the merchandise again and again. I love it.

  2. kassa justine says:

    Thaks alot for this clarification.I completely know that with this information models are not only going to become great but they will also know what it means to be model as well.

  3. goldy singh says:

    i m a model turn to choregpher,nm i wnt to make my career in fashion choregraphy,n hw mush i cn earn in 1 shw

  4. raina habets says:

    Hello, my name is Raina Habets and I’m a year 12 student at Mount Gambier High School, completing my Research Project. My research question is ‘What are the processes of becoming a Runway Model?’ I was wondering if anyone knew of any models or instructor’s that would be willing to do a short survey or interview so I could get some answers. I would really appreciate this, as it would help me complete my project and year 12.

    Thank You.

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