Hottest Spring Nail Colors

Neon colors and dark colors are OUT! The hottest spring nail colors for Spring 2011 are:

  • NUDES – clear or pale, pale, pale!
  • PASTELS – think sherbet colors!
  • GRAYS – metallic grays (not the dark grays)

Katy Perry's OPI Black Shatter PolishCheck out Katy Perry’s OPI Black Shatter Polish! Or, buy the 5-piece set with purple, pink, magenta, black and green shatter polishes. Now, you can have all of the glam right at home! $8.50 or $25.50 for the 5-piece set.




Sally Hanson's Salon Effects Nail Strips

Sally Hanson’s Salon Effects Nail Strips are just the thing for a quick manicure and the strips last for 10 days! $9.99 each.

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