The Perfect Pose

The Perfect PoseWhile every pose is different for every model, that’s not to say every pose is perfect. Even if you feel like pushing the conventions of current posing to really bring out your inner fire on camera, there are still tried and true methods you should know about to ensure your bold beauty doesn’t turn out to be an disturbing dud.

Nurture the Neck

Your neck is a part of your overall beauty. When tucked away, we look downright ugly. Regardless of what you do with your shoulders, always make sure your neck is visible. Practicing elongation is the best way to figure out how to always include the neck without making it look unnatural.

See Past the Camera

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When people look at a photo of you, they should be able to see a fire in your gaze. To achieve this, though, you, yourself, have to create an intensity during your shoot. Don’t just stare off into the direction the photographer points to. Look at that direction and find an emotion to shoot at it using your eyes alone.

Keep the Limbs Out

When you hug your limbs to your body, it pushes the skin and muscle outward, creating a larger appearance. Instead, use one of the best tricks of the trade by holding your limbs slightly away. This will keep your look slim through optical illusion.

Relax Your Hands

Though given little focus, the hands are actually incredibly important parts of a photo. Keep them relaxed at all times. Ideally you’ll want to practice keeping the fingers rounded and never showing the camera the backs of the hands. Sides of hands create interesting shapes and lines.

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At Home Exercises

At Home ExercisesWe’ve all been there. As much as we want to exercise, the world is working against us, forcing us to stay home. When push comes to shove, though, there are always options. Instead of giving up, take on these bodyweight workouts to increase your muscle mass and strength while promoting a higher metabolic rate after the workout is over.

For both, aim to do 5 to 8 repetitions three times each with a 60 second rest in between each set.

Push Ups

The ultimate in upper body strength, push ups engage not only the chest but the arms, core and back as well. Start in a plank position with your hands wider that shoulder width apart and slightly back behind your shoulders. This is so that when you lower yourself, your forearms remain vertical throughout the entirety of the motion, reducing the chance you’ll inure yourself. When ready, lower yourself until your chest touches the floor and push back up to plank. If this is too hard, drop your knees to the floor. If that is still too much, perform this action against a wall to eventually build up enough strength to do a full body.

Pistol Squats

As the push up targets the entire upper body, the pistol squat targets the entire lower body, including the quads, glutes, hamstrings, abs and back. With arms extended out in front, stand on one leg with the other held out in front of you. When ready, lower your body down until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Push back up. Remember to keep the back straight for the entire movement. If you need help balancing, perform this around something you can grab onto if you start to fall, such as a door frame.

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The Reel Deal

The Reel DealEvery artist needs a portfolio. For the artist, this means paintings. For the singer, this means songs. For the actor, this means the reel.

The Demo Reel

In its simplest iteration, the reel is a collection of the best work you’ve done for filmed media. Like any good portfolio, it showcases your talent to take on a variety of roles and succeed in performing them. It’s your selling point. It’s your interview. Put together an incredible compilation, and you’ll find more work than you can possible hope to do.

The Making Of

Should you have a fully realized reel as you spread your acting wings for your first time out?

Not at all. In fact, on your first time out, you probably won’t have anything to put together much less build an entire video out of. Plus, because this reel will serve as a first impression, you’ll want to make sure that only your best work is presented. Your goal is not to scare off potential work because you figured your local car commercial spot was “good enough”. In show business, “good enough” is never good enough.

Instead, take your time putting a serious reel together that reflects the type and quality of work you plan on pursuing. For many, this is a process that takes years, but better to absolutely astound directors when you’re advanced enough as a performer to nail a role than to make them wonder why you even wasted their time sending them such a novice video.

As for length, make it as short as possible to get the point across. Most directors will know within the first 30 seconds if you fit the part, so create a reel based off of that assumption, filling it with only the best of the best.

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Building Your Acting Resume

Building Your Acting ResumeYour resume is a veritable offshoot of your audition. This list compliments the talent you exhibit on stage and also further emphasize other parts about you. It outlines your breadth as a performer in terms of play ages and characterizations, it speaks to your ability to continually land roles and it highlights any achievements that can draw the attention of casting directors. Even so, many an actor can feel more intimidated by putting together an acting resume than actually acting.


If pressed for time, the internet is strewn with resume templates to download and fill out. These are great guides for absolute beginners as they have all of the basics. That being said, don’t be afraid to play with it a little if your skill section is still slightly larger than your performance experience section. Make sure the font is easy to read (black ink on white or off white paper) and keep it to one page. The easier it is to read by the judges, the happier they’ll be.


When filling out your resume, focus on relevant experience. While it was great you landed the lead of the school play 20 years ago, a lot has happened since then, and there’s no telling if you’re still able to carry a show. In the land of performance, the biggest and most recent roles serve as the best examples of your capabilities. If just starting out, fill in whatever acting experience you have and bolster this with skills that can be useful on stage. Dance, voice, puppetry and even juggling are potential ways to put yourself above your competition even if you’re auditioning for your second play ever.

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The Model Model

The Model ModelWithin the fashion industry lie a plethora of types of models. Because of this, virtually anyone can capitalize on their physical attributes so long as they know which type is best for them.


Fashion is the pinnacle of live modeling and what many aspire to achieve. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most selective with the majority of models required to be 5’10 or taller and to have a thin frame. Once in this category, you might be invited to walk the runway, pose for a catalog shoot, model for editorials in magazines or be hired directly by a designer.

Commercial Print

This subsection encompasses advertisements. From lip gloss to tennis shoes, print is a bit more forgiving in terms of look as different looks sell different products. The options are as varied as the models are, ranging from corporate sales to alternative clothes so common online. It may not be haute couture, but it is abundant.

Body Parts

Finally, even if your main features don’t fit the ideal in the above categories, there’s always the chance you have one breathtaking asset, like your hair, legs, hands or feet. Not all runway models are gifted with photographic digits, leaving it up to these models to sell rings, watches, sandals, hair products and anything else that requires extreme close ups of body parts.

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Selecting an Audition Monolgue

Selecting an Audition MonolgueInstead of interviews over tables explaining your strengths and weaknesses to potential bosses, the acting audition is the monologue. Even with so much noise surrounding how to pick the perfect piece or how to write the monologue that’s sure to land you a role, it’s important to be able to look past this at the truths that never change no matter what generation of theater it is.

The Mini Play

Above all else, you need to find a monologue that tells a story from start to finish. Think of it as a miniature play that you’re the star of. It needs at least three beats where the last beat clearly shows a change your character has undergone since the start of the piece. Remember this if you choose to write your own as well. You need a solid beginning, a solid middle and a stellar end.

The Perfect You

As for age appropriateness or same gender, don’t worry too hard. Instead, focus on monologues that bring out your best. This could come from a character that is your exact opposite in every way – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re able to tap into your emotions and bring to life a character better than anyone else that auditioned before you.

The Subject

Shock pieces are not great choices. The judges judge you based on what subject matter you decide to share with them. If it’s offensive or full of graphic violence and sex, you’ll more than likely put off your interviewers more so than welcome them into a story you’re telling on stage. Anyone can grab attention with crude material. Only masters can sell the mundane as fantastical.

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A Model’s Portfolio

A Model's PortfolioLike the actor and their roles or an artist and their paintings, a model must have a portfolio. A showcase of all of their best work, it is a resume of potential designed to sell the model by catching the eyes of the agents. Build one correctly, and you’ll find yourself hired in no time.

Know Thyself

Before you even begin looking through your photographs, know what type of model you are. Much like a book needs a common plot to make sense, so, too, does your portfolio. By this point, you should have a wide selection of types of modeling and know the one that suits your strengths. Whether it’s commercial or fashion, do what you do best to get a foot in the door.

Be Versatile

Don’t have just one look. Have many. Fill your resume with just as much. Convey a rainbow of emotion. Include a variety of types of shots, like headshots and beauty shots. Wear different outfits. Showcase different make up designs. Tell a story with your portfolio so that the agents understand you aren’t just some one-trick pony. Show them you have the talent necessary to realize their artistic vision.

Focus on the Few

Keep it simple. Even though you have 20 shots that make you look better than at any point in your life, less is more. While exhibiting your potential, a model’s portfolio is also there to simply show those hiring that you’re pretty and you have an attractive body shape. Because of this, only go for 6 to 12 amazing photos. More can be added once you begin booking gigs. Much like acting, anyone can get attention by screaming loud enough, but only the truly talented can hold attention standing still.

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WunderBrowWhile women spend a lot of time on mascara, well defined eyebrows can make all the difference in a woman’s appearance. Eyebrows not only frame a woman’s face and accentuate her bone structure, but when they’re done right, they add a youthfulness to one’s look that no mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner can.

Along with gorgeous unmarred skin, full healthy-looking eyebrows are a characteristic that’s pretty much standard amongst young Hollywood’s most famous starlets.

In Hollywood, many women are now spending up to $12,000 for a surgical procedure called “The Megan.” It delivers full eyebrows by transplanting hair follicles from the back of a woman’s scalp to her forehead. Clearly, this approach is not for everyone.

But, it does point to a problem- if only getting full, beautiful brows were an easy task. It’s unfortunate, but most of the pencils, powders, and gels on the market are not only complicated to use … they just don’t look natural. Nobody wants to walk around looking like they’ve been drawn on with a sharpie. Now, however, for those of us who aren’t so handy with the eyebrow pencil, here is some really good news. There’s an exciting new product on the market called Wunderbrow that is flying off the shelves at an amazing rate. It will forever change the way you look at eyebrow makeup for many reasons.

  • Firstly, Wunderbrow is super-easy for anyone to apply—and that’s only the beginning.
  • Wunderbrow is also waterproof and semi-permanent—so it will stay on for days at a time. But, even better than the easy application are the results!
  • Wunderbrow can turn even the sparsest of brows into gorgeous, supermodel-quality arches. And whether you’re a brunette, a blonde, or have all black hair, there’s a shade that’s perfect for you.
  • Wunderbrow features innovative brow gels with hair-like fibers that transform your eyebrows without having to use brow pencils, brow powders, or permanent cosmetics. It enhances eyebrows that have lost their shape due to over-tweezing, and helps them appear healthier, fuller, and natural-looking. Its exclusive Permafix Technology is designed to give eyebrows their perfect shape with long-lasting results.

You spend so much time on your mascara—see what a huge difference a tiny bit of effort with Wunderbrow can make. Check out their 30-day money back guarantee, risk free offer at

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To Smile or Not To Smile on the Runway?

To Smile or Not To Smile on the Runway?Most fashion designers typically require their models to not smile when walking the runway. The idea is that the audience should look solely at the fashions and not concentrate on the model’s face or personality. Models become walking mannequins; period! The exception would be a designer like Betsy Johnson whose fashions are all about having fun with lots of craziness on the runway.

Commercial print modeling is all about selling a product and most models are required to smile and look friendly. Local department fashion shows are more relaxed and you will see lots of smiling models walking the runway. The same applies to promotional models where it’s all about personality before looks (THINK QVC).

If you are booked for a runway show, the designer and/or choreographer will tell you precisely what type of facial expressions they want you to project on the runway. Of course, you can also consult with your agent for their advice too!

And lastly, when presenting yourself for any type of audition, be sure to smile and show your personality!

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Clothes Shopping Etiquette

Clothes Shopping Etiquette In our on-going series of shopping etiquette blogs, we will tackle the “do’s and don’ts” of shopping.  See our tips below on how to be a considerate clothes shopper!

  • Be polite and patient (especially at check-out)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Your sales associate really does want to help you find what you are looking for.
  • Avoid taking beverages or food into the dressing room – it’s an accident waiting to happen
  • Be respectful of the clothes and try not to leave deodorant residue or makeup on the garment when putting it on and taking it off

How many times have you entered a dressing room only to see clothes piled up all over the floor or bench? This occurs when a previous shopper is lazy, inconsiderate and just plain messy (imagine what their bedrooms look like!). Another reason is that the sales associates are so busy with customers they haven’t had the time to go into the dressing rooms and do “recovery”.

Once you are done trying on clothes, please shake the garment, re-hang is on the hanger and either return it to the special area just outside the dressing rooms or better yet, put it back on the rack where you originally found it. If the price tag comes off, be sure to hand the garment to a sales person so they can reattach it to the garment.

Today, most stores encourage you to take their store survey. This is the store’s way to better understand if they have provided you with great customer service. Providing you were satisfied with your shopping experience, your sales associate that helped you will truly appreciate your positive feedback. It’s important to be honest in the surveys and if you weren’t satisfied, let the store know so they can improve and possibly offer coaching to the sales associates so that you next experience is a positive one!

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