Hottest Fall Nail Colors

HOTTEST FALL NAIL COLORS The hottest fall nail colors are so fabulous that you’ll be wishing manicure day was every day. Fashion Week highlighted jewel tones (think deep blues and purples), metallics (silver, gold, bronze), nudes, gray (light to dark) and our favorite classic of all time, red!

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Fall 2014 Beauty Checklist

Fall Beauty ChecklistNow that fall is here, you’ll want to consider a smooth transition from summer to fall with your beauty routine. A DIY or professional facial is a great way to kick off a new season. A thicker moisturizer will keep your skin and neck soft and flake free. Remember to apply sunscreen as harmful UVA rays are present regardless if the skies are gray. Be sure to continue using an eye cream and perhaps switching your skin care products if your skin tends to be drier during the fall and winter months. If the summer months damaged your hair from salt water, chlorine and sun, get in the habit of doing weekly deep conditioning treatments. Your hair would love a vacation from blow dryers, flat irons, curling wands and chemical process; consider going “au naturale”! Don’t forget your hands; cuticles get very dry so invest in cuticle oil and a deep penetrating hand cream. Remember to wear gloves in the colder months!

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What Is A Body Double?

What Is A Body Double? A body double is a term used in film-making. A body double substitute replaces the credited actor on film where the character’s body is shown but the face of the actor is either not visible or shown indistinctly.

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What Is An Actor’s Type?

What Is An Actor’s Type?An actor’s ‘type’ is essentially a combination of their personality and external physical appearance. It is considered their character type or persona based almost entirely on first impressions. People involved with casting are in the business of searching for the right ‘types’ of actors to fill particular roles. An actor that can pinpoint their type and market themselves clearly has got a distinct advantage over the competition.

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Beauty Secret From India

Beauty Secret From IndiaHave you ever noticed how Indian women have the most beautiful and shiniest hair? They use coconut oil. It’s great for the scalp and a scalp massage with coconut oil will promote blood circulation, hair growth plus a deep conditioning treatment for the hair. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil, heat it up and massage on your head. Leave on for 1 – 2 hours before washing off!

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Showing Your Portfolio

Showing Your PortfolioSet your portfolio down and let the agent look through it at his or her own pace. Don’t babble and give commentary as the agent looks through it. If they have a question, they will ask you. Often they are looking and thinking – so allow them their silence while they do their ‘job’. Let the photos speak for themselves. Don’t apologize for any photos; if they are bad, they shouldn’t be in your portfolio. Don’t worry if the agent doesn’t like some of the shots. They may feel the photos give you the wrong image. Once they have finished looking through your portfolio, then ask for their opinion. Free advice is just that – FREE! Remember to thank you the agent for their time!

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Avoid Sleep Wrinkles

Avoid Sleep WrinklesYou can avoid sleep wrinkles by sleeping on your back or by sleeping on a satin pillowcase! Night time wrinkles are caused by the friction of rubbing your face, all night long, against your pillow. A satin pillow case will let your face ‘slide’ instead of ‘rubbing’ on the pillow case and your face will definitely look the better for it in the morning. There are also special sleep wrinkle pillows that you can buy that will hold your head in a certain position to alleviate those sleep wrinkles!

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Fall 2014 Fashion Color Trends

Fall 2014 Fashion Color TrendsStraight from Fashion Week, you will see, this fall, the colors; pink orchid, royal blue, cobalt blue, aluminum (think stainless steel), geranium red, mustard yellow, sangria red, mauve, cognac and grassy green. This fall will be a season of untypical colors with unlimited color combinations.

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Practice Photo Posing

Practice Photo PosingFrequently, a new model will pose stiffly and without a lot of creativity. In other words, they know basic poses but haven’t learned how to make them unique unto themselves. As you practice, you will find that posing becomes easier and more natural. It takes a lot of practice and a willingness to experiment with facial expressions, arm, leg, hand placement, etc. You will learn what works and what doesn’t.  Ultimately, your confidence will increase and you will have developed a unique set of posing skills.

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Models With Disabilities

Models With Disabilities Congratulations to Nordstrom, H&M, Diesel, Swiffer and Duracell for hiring models with disabilities! It’s about time company’s start hiring models who reflect their customers and communities. We’re sure there are more companies doing the same thing and we say ‘more power to them’.

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