2017 Summer Fashion

2017 Summer FashionWith the cool of spring quickly burning off, it’s time to prep for those lazy summer days with the trends that will be making their way across the world.

Seasonal Stripes

It’s no secret that beach manufacturers love stripes. From umbrellas to chairs, nothing embodies a lazy day of sunbathing more than a colorful collection of stripes. Whether you’re close to a beach or not, this year you are fully supported in bringing that stripped pizazz with you wherever you go.

Simple Sunshine

Summer has always been known for long, cloudless days and bright colors. However, if you’re looking for something more specific, yellow is the hot new color. Indoors or out, the sun will come out tomorrow, but why wait when you can have it today?

Sexy Shoulder

Asymmetry is on the rise with a large number of designers building tops and dresses that hang off one shoulder. Sexy yet refined, it’s a great way to show off part of your beach body without needing to hit the sand.

Waspish Waists

Though the actual circumference of the waist doesn’t matter, what does is showing off that you have one. Instead of the draping clothing of fashion trends past, belts, cinches and similar additions to clothing that show off the waist have made their return.

Legging Love

Though it never seemed they truly disappeared, Paris has declared that leggings are officially back in. From translucent tights made of lace to thicker options sewn from velvet, the color doesn’t matter so long as they hug you just right.

Trottin’ Trenches

When fashion designers brought khaki back this summer, they did so in a tremendous fashion by also bringing back the trench coat. Down to the feet or hanging only to the knees, it’s a must-have look in those areas where summer nights remain chilly.

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Acting Warm Ups

Acting Warm UpsAs an actor, it is your job to be ready physically and vocally for the roles you take on. After all, your paycheck comes from your ability to embody a wide number of characters on a daily basis. Like any physical sport, the most important part of successfully pulling this off is the warm up.

Let’s Get Physical

Step one to any good warm up is to do just that—warm up. Common sense says that this is something you don’t want to rush into, and common sense would be correct. Start getting physical too fast and you run the risk of hurting yourself. Instead, you’ll want to start with light cardio. Stand up, walk quickly around the room or otherwise choose an activity that begins to elevate the heart rate and get the blood flowing through the body faster. After the heart rate is more active and you feel warm, begin performing light stretches to loosen the joints and the muscles, making them more receptive to sudden shifts of motion.

Let’s Get Loud

Now that the body and the muscles (including those that make up the vocal tract) are warm, it’s time to loosen the chords so your voice doesn’t strain. Like the rest of the body, your throat is made up of muscles that work together to produce sound. If those aren’t warmed up, they can injure just like any other muscle in the body. To warm them up, start with a moderate hum that rises and lowers in pitch. Once you feel good there, move to lip buzzing to loosen up the lips and continue rising and falling in pitch. Finally, throw out some tongue twisters let loose the tongue.

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The Model Model

The Model ModelAchieving a model body is possible for anyone so long as you are willing to put in the time and hard work required. Luckily, that’s the biggest challenge since the recipe for an incredible body is straight forward.


As a model, your goal is to be skinny but maintain an aesthetic shape. Your muscles are what give you this look.

You need to lift weights four times a week with each day targeting two specific parts of the body. Each muscle group should be worked with a total of three different exercises with four sets of high reps (8-12). The different muscle pairings are the deltoids and the back, the chest and the triceps, the hamstrings and the biceps, and the quadriceps and the glutes. As far as the weight goes, use weights that are challenging to push through the repetitions but aren’t so easy you don’t break a sweat.


Cardio is well-known as the fat buster and rightfully so. That being said, it’s important to know that not all cardio helps you lose fat. In fact, only what’s known as aerobic cardio does this. The simplified reason for this is that once in the aerobic zone, the way the body creates energy to keep fueling your workout is one that forces it to use the fat molecules stored in your body. In terms of heart rate, aerobic cardio is cardio that keeps your heart rate at around 75% of your Max Heart Rate (MHR). A great cardio session lasts 30 minutes and can be either steady state or HIIT. Do this 3-5 times per week.


What you eat is the final pillar of this triumvirate. It is as important as working out. Without a proper diet, all of the hard work you put into your body will never be seen. Keeping it simple, your diet needs to be clean. Anything that goes into your mouth should not be processed. Brown rice, chicken breasts and lots of veggies are the go to. This diet is what keeps you from putting on extra fat so that you can lower your overall body fat percentage low enough to see muscle definition. That being said, with this much physical work, you’ll need to be eating at least 1600 calories to maintain a good looking cut. Anything lower than 1500 should only ever be done prior to a show or shoot.

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Market Basics

Market BasicsIn any line of work, from business to art, understanding your ideal market and how to find it is a major key to unlocking success. While the execution of finding this niche can be nebulous, having at least a small understanding gives you an enormous advantage over your competition and launch you to the levels of success you’re aiming for.

What is a Market?

A market is an audience. More specifically, it’s the audience that will invest in your creations whether you’re a model or an actress. Disney, for instance, has a market that revolves around children. Marvel has a market that revolves around young adults. The more specific you can be in regards to defining your audience, the better you can shape yourself to be more appealing thereby resulting in higher desirability.

Where is my Market?

To find your market, you need to start with an honest look at yourself and your abilities. If, for instance, you want to become a voice actor, you’ll land roles faster if you audition for the correct market. Say you have a high female voice that sounds young. Your market in that case would be children and the cartoons they watch. If you have a booming, deep voice, you’ll have a better chance auditioning for villains in things geared toward teenagers or adults. Once you figure this out within your artistic realm, you can then apply yourself toward roles that you’ll have an easier time landing, increasing the rate at which you book gigs and, ultimately, increasing your notoriety and desirability within that market. As you grow, it certainly becomes easier to branch out to other markets, but as you begin, the more specific you are, the better.

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False Eyelashes: A How To

False Eyelashes: A How ToMost actresses and models do not have naturally full lashes. Instead, false lashes are virtually required when heading out to an event where you need to look your absolute best.

Step 1: Check the Fit

Like shoes, eyelashes are designed to fit general eyelid sizes. This is why it’s important to always check the size of the false lashes to your own eye before applying them. If they are too long either across the width or the length, trim them to a size you’re comfortable with.

Step 2: Apply the Glue

Once sized correctly, take the eyelash glue and apply it to the seam of the fake lashes. You can also apply the glue to your hand and press the seam into that.

Step 3: Attach the Lashes

Now that the glue is applied, press the seam onto your eyelid as close to your natural eyelashes as possible. Remember, the more realistic it looks, the better (unless you’re going for a stylized extreme). During this step, do not press or hold the lashes down. Simply allow the glue to dry by not touching them once they have been placed.

Step 4: Put on the Makeup

Now that they are firmly situated on your face, it’s time to apply the makeup. Ideally, you’ll want to use both mascara and eyeliner to blend the seam of the false lashes so that they look natural.

Step 5: Remove Them

Following your exciting night out, don’t forget to take the lashes off. To do this, simply soak a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and rub it gently across where the seam of the fake lashes is pressed onto your eyelid. Allow that to sit for a minute before gently removing the false lashes.

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The Monologue, The Cold Read and The Two Person Scene

The Monologue, The Cold Read and The Two Person SceneWhile reading from a script isn’t new to an actor, there are two other scenarios to be aware of. Knowing how to prepare and what directors are looking for with each is necessary for making your audition stand out among the sea of others.

The Monologue

Arguably the most well-known acting trial, the monologue is stage one of any audition. It is a 2-3 minute solo show depicting your acting capabilities through the voice of one character. Directors here are looking for emotional range as well as the ability to match the tone of the play you’re auditioning for. Your monologue should be a miniature three act play that matches the style of the play the directors are putting on.

The Cold Read

Assuming your monologue was engaging enough for a call back, you now move on to the cold read. This is when you read for a specific part or specific parts in the play itself. In this situation, you’re handed the script with your lines highlighted. Sometimes you’re given a few minutes to practice, other times you’re asked to read as soon as the words are in your hands. Either way, this read displays how you naturally fit the character in question based on the description you’ve been given.

The Two Person Scene

The final process (and one that doesn’t always happen), is reading with a second person. Just like the cold read, you and your partner are handed a script and asked to read from the script directly, sometimes with a few minutes to rehearse, sometimes without. Unlike the first two, this one is used to test your compatibility with others. A great show can fall flat if certain characters don’t share that all important on stage chemistry.

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Looking Fresh

Looking FreshWe all need sleep. It is a biological imperative necessary for recharging our internal functionality. With it, we do better in every aspect of life. Without it, we begin to deteriorate. Unfortunately, be it a nap or a full night of sleep, we rarely look as refreshed as we feel upon waking up. Faces are puffy. Eyes are somewhat swollen. Color is drained. As luck would have it, this rather unflattering luck isn’t permanent with these little tricks.

Drink Water

Even after a short nap your body is dehydrated. Without enough water, your cells begin to suffer structurally, losing their correct shape due to deflation. This is why skin tends to sag and the face looks sunken in. As soon as you wake up, drink a cup or two of water to refill. In about 30 minutes, not only will you look better, but you’ll feel awake and alert—more so than with a cup of coffee or tea.

Sleep Soft

If your hair is unruly in the A.M., change out those cotton pillowcases for satin or silk. Both materials are far less abrasive on the hair because they offer less friction, letting your locks move around far easier and resulting in fewer tangles. If you’re not keen on dropping the cotton, wrapping your hair in a satin or silk cloth before bed works just as well.

Curl Up Clean

Never go to bed with makeup on your face. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, clean everything off your face. Leaving it on dulls your skin and clogs your pores, making your face look older than it actually is. If you happen to suffer from dry skin, add a bit of moisturizer to the trouble areas before drifting away to that well-earned beauty sleep.

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Snack Attack

Snack AttackOn set during a film shoot, you will get hungry. Both waiting and acting take their toll on your body’s energy reserves, prompting a strong desire to snatch up whatever you can at the snack table. Unfortunately, most quick bites will only worsen any tiredness you already feel on top of adding extra pounds to a look you’re working hard to keep. Instead of mindlessly eating what’s in reach, make smart choices.

Stay Hydrated

When you aren’t fully hydrated, your cells aren’t working at peak efficiency. Instead, they have to work harder to keep you going. Circumvent this easily by avoiding coffees, sodas and teas. All three are what are known as diuretics and actually dehydrate you faster because they promote increased urination. Instead, stick with the clear stuff. If your urine is a straw color, you’re drinking enough to be fully hydrated.

Eat Your Veggies

Vegetables are not only packed with nutrients, they are also extremely low in calories, meaning you can nosh on as much broccoli as you want without packing on unwanted weight. Veggies fill you up with more than enough of what your body needs to digest them and keep you fueled, making them the optimal snack. Just be sure to steer clear of any fatty dressings usually served with the crudité platter.

Fancy the Fruits

Should veggies be absent, fruits are another wonderful way to fill your stomach and refill your energy reserves. Because they are high in both natural sugars and nutrients, you get an immensely healthy energy burst that won’t leave you feeling heavy. Be sure to go a little light with fruits as they are very high in carbohydrates due to the high sugar levels. The less naturally sweet the fruit, the fewer carbs it will have.

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2017 Lip Color Trends

2017 Lip Color TrendsWith so many color choices available, it’s important to prep those that will be revealing themselves throughout 2017.

Pretty in Pink

A classic that never seems to fade away, pink is perfect for almost any situation. It’s a calm, muted color that plays off of your lips’ natural hue to make you look young and peppy. That being said, bold pinks are always available for fashionistas looking to make a statement.

Obsessed with Orange

Last year, it was all about the more demure oranges, calm takes on an otherwise bold color. This year, the tables have turned and orange, in all of its beautiful vibrancy, is being welcomed to the stage with open arms. Gone are the oranges mixed with browns in favor of a true vibrancy.

Going Glitter

Whether you like adding actual glitter to your lips or using lipsticks infused with it, a sparkling smile is a must this New Year. Just like the oranges, don’t be afraid to be bold with just how much glitter glams those lips.

Ravishing Rose

For those that enjoy calmer lip colors, rose remains a strong contender. One of the closest matches to natural lip color, it’s a calmer form of red that emphasizes natural beauty over turning heads using heavy hues.

Glamour Gloss

Like all things, lip trends follow a pendulum. As for this year, matte is out in favor of those wonderfully wet looking lips achieved with gloss. The color with this look doesn’t matter so long as it’s shiny enough to make those lips look tempting.

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Grooming For Guys

Grooming For GuysThough it’s no secret that women use a lot of beauty products to keep their hair and faces flawless, few realize the most well put together men have their own retinue of products designed to keep them looking sharp.

Great Hair Gel

Sometimes it’s a gel, other times it’s a pomade. Regardless of the chemical makeup, men cannot go without a good hair product to shape their own follicles. If you have sensitive skin, invest in a styling product with water as the main ingredient. This will reduce forehead acne should it sweat onto your face at any point in the day.

High Quality Shaving Gel

For a close shave, you need a gel that both protects from razor burn and isn’t overly odorous. Because it interacts with your face, it’s good to spend more money on a product with high quality ingredients so as to reduce the chance of irritating the skin.

Grooming Razors

For men, keeping facial hair inline is a must for maintaining that sharply dressed quality that separates the wannabes from the true stars of the spotlight. To deal with your facial hair, eyebrows and nose hairs, look no further than a grooming kit. Be it electric or no, you’ll now have differently shaped razors designed to correctly tame each and every area on your face.

Nail Clippers

Last but not least, it is an unspoken rule that men are judged based on the state of their fingernails. For women, long nails are a sign of style and health. For men, long nails are considered extremely unfashionable to the point of being detrimental when trying to form advantageous relationships. To stop this faux pas from ever happening, buy a set of clippers and keep your nails clean and trim.

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