How to Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

How to Spring Clean Your Makeup BagNo matter how clean you are, there will come a day when your makeup bag will need to be fully purged of whatever it was that sullied it. While the bag itself can take a tumble in the washer, a true cleaning session involves everything inside of the pouch as well. Here’s how to keep your brushes and makeup sets safe.

The Bag

If you’re looking for a faster way to clean your makeup bag than using a washer, simply empty out its contents, flip the bag inside out and use makeup remover wipes. These handy sheets get everything off quickly and without much fuss. Once the wipe down is complete, keep the pouch reversed until where you cleaned has dried in full.

The Brushes

Next, take out all of the brushes (including the smaller ones that belong to the eyeshadow cases) and place them in a cup of water that’s been mixed with a small amount of shampoo. Let them soak for about 10 minutes so the soap has time to work its magic. Once done, move the now clean brushes to a dry towel and allow them to air dry.

The Makeup

Finally, it’s time to take on the cases. Like the rest of the bag, these are very easy to clean off. Pull out some more of those makeup remover wipes and use them to clean away all of the gunk that has gathered along the outside and inside of the cases, including any mirrors. Once done with this, return the now dry brushes to their correct containers and place everything back into the now clean makeup bag.

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2017 Spring & Summer Shoe Trends

2017 Spring & Summer Shoe TrendsWhether you prefer open-toed trots or snazzy sneakers, the spring and summer are the perfect seasons for showing off the latest in trendy treads.

Wrap Heels

With the temperature slowly rising, now is the perfect time to find shoes that breathe. This seasons, open heels with multiple straps wrapping around the feet and the ankles are making their way back to the runway.

Leather Boots

In an almost unpredicted turn of fashion, long leather boots now have their place in these warmer days. While the trend certainly isn’t geared for southerners, it’s a welcome choice to northerners that like to stay trendy during the cooler nights.

Always an Athlete

Though the leather boots may have come as a shock, nothing took fashion experts for a loop more than high fashion athletic footwear. Not quite tennis shoes, these stylistic inventions encapsulate turning more haute couture options, such as spike heeled boots, into eye catching combinations of color and sporty materials.

Kitten Heels

Made popular in the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn, short heels are back in fashion. Be they attached to sandals or dress pumps, this season is meant to be celebrated in style.

Flatform Platforms

While the flatforms don’t have to be platforms, there’s no denying the popularity of shoes brought back from the 1990s. If you’re not a fan of heels, you can still add height without the foot stress. Flatforms give you a fashionably level surface to tread on, arguably one meant for the south due to this style’s love of open straps.

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Breaking Down Child Acting

Movies, television and stage productions need everyone – from the old grandma to the infant child and everything in between. While adults know how the scene works, not as many understand how it does for children. If you’re a parent looking to help your child chase after their dream of stardom, here’s what you need to know.


Age Range

As a rule of thumb, assume your child has an age range of no more than two years. This means if a casting call is looking for a child of 10, your 12-year-old might still be able to pull it off. The reason for such a short timespan rests in the simple fact that children change fast. If the company is filming over the course of six months, they need to make sure their child actor will look the same throughout filming. The same goes for stage productions. Directors won’t cast a boy as a tenor if the child runs a high risk of hitting puberty and becoming a baritone before the show goes live.


Child Privileges

Luckily, children are protected in the acting world. Regulated by labor unions, they receive a lot more care in terms of breaks, schooling and other things a developing child needs to maintain a healthy mindset in a demanding career. That being said, these regulations change drastically depending on where the film or show is being put on. In general, though, children are required to secure a work permit since they are technically too young to hold a job. Their education cannot be disrupted, sometimes leading to teachers working with them on set. As for their money, most goes to the parents while a portion is required to be put into a special savings account known as a blocked trust they can access once they are old enough.

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The Shoes Make the Model

The Shoes Make the Model

Heels aren’t the only shoe a model can or should wear. In fact, heels are merely the icing on the cake for auditions and shows. It’s the shoes models wear off set that really make or break the performance.


A Variety of Heels

Even though you don’t need to wear heels all the time, you do need to at least have a few in your possession to bring to auditions. In addition, you need to know how to walk in these shoes. Unfortunately, walking in heels is not an innate ability – it takes a lot of practice. This is why you should have at least three different types of heels in your retinue. Of the three, make sure one is a stiletto. If you can walk in a pair of those, you can walk on any type of heel.



These shoes are your saviors. When you’re not modelling, you should be giving your feet much needed rest. Heels are terrible for the feet when worn for extended periods of time. They also wear you down physically, tiring you out before you even audition or during a show. Wear these when you’re waiting to go on as they are quick to get in and get out of, making them perfect for breaks.


Tennis Shoes

If you know you’re doing a lot of walking, never underestimate the power a good pair of comfortable shoes will bring you. Not only will you be able to move faster and more assuredly, you’ll suffer far less fatigue as you make your way from location to location. Remember, no one cares what you have on your feet when the cameras are off, so make the best of it.

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Hygiene for Auditions

Hygiene for AuditionsNever underestimate the importance of hygiene when auditioning. Everyone at those interviews is trained to judge you as soon as you walk in the door. By entering the space clean and ready to go, you’ll be noted as a professional and already have the benefit of the doubt that you know what you’re doing, giving you an edge that, in any performance art, benefits your chances of landing a role.

Look First

The first thing anyone notices about you is how you look. How well put together you appear has an immediate influence on opinions floating around the judge’s bench. Your clothes should be ironed and fitted. Your hair should be clean and held back from your face in a stylish fashion. Nails should be trimmed and clean. If they’re painted, the color should be unassuming. Makeup should be neat and hardly noticeable. If you don’t know how to do makeup, don’t use auditions as your first attempt.

Smell Second

Because odors take a few seconds more to register in the nose, it can come as either a pleasant or rather disgusting surprise when your scent does eventually waft over. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that any possible bad smells are eliminated prior to the audition. This is especially important if your ride a bike to get around. Even a small sweat can have disastrous consequences. Make sure you shower the day of, and if you do bike to the audition, don’t bike in the clothes you’re auditioning in. Head to the bathroom and use a wet towel to wipe away sweat. Wear deodorant and make sure your mouth is clean. Brushing isn’t enough. You’ll want to floss regularly as any food left between the teeth causes horrible breath.

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Spring Nails 2017

Spring Nails 2017What’s a better way to celebrate your new spring fashion than to decorate your nails with a style to match?

Pretty Pastels

Still feeling a few chill days of winter but not quite suffering through the blaring heat of summer, spring is the perfect time to bring out the soft, muted pastels of the colors you love. Whether it’s a classic pink or more festive purple, nothing celebrates spring more than calm colors to match the calm temperatures.

Cuticle Jewelry

A rather new addition to nail accessories, fashion forward Morgan Taylor Lacquer lead artist Tracylee is working to enhance the beauty of the nail real estate by adding golden flourishes to the skin around the outside of the nails. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Metallic Hue

Metallic looking nails are definitely an in this season with a number of designers going for that special shine. While silver seems to be the most popular, any color that has that unique shimmer is being touted as trendy.


Maybe it can be pinned on the resurgence of the 80s in clothes fashion, but nail fashion seems to be following suit when it comes to designs. Instead of extremely elaborate creations, it’s all about negative space and how simple shapes play with the look of the nails overall.

All One Color

While differing colors across the nails were popular not too long ago, this trend is dropping off for 2017, giving way to a more traditional practice of unity. Even with different colors being used, it’s important to keep the design the same across all of the nails. That being said, one nail having a special look for a pop effect is still pretty sharp.

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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Spring 2017 Fashion TrendsSpring is just around the corner as we finally begin to see hints of that wonderful thaw sweeping across the world. Now is the best time to welcome fun, fresh styles that embrace this warmer weather.


A combination of athletic wear and leisure suits, fit fashion is back in style. While certainly fun, it’s definitely an unsurprising trend given the influx of fitness fads that sync up with the New Year and our many resolutions.

80s Glam

Complete with overly large shoulders, frills and bold colors, the 70s is being left behind in favor of a more fashion forward 80s. Luckily, it seems the hair and makeup won’t be resurrected with it.

Big Bags

The XXXXXL hand bags are back. Even if you don’t have enough stuff to fill them with, it’s more about having a very stylish accoutrement hanging off your shoulder or from your fingers. Unlike the 80s look, though, choose neutral colors like black, brown or white.

Platform Shoes

Remember the platforms the Spice Girls used to rock? The style is back. Perfect for the girl that hates heels but loves to be taller, platform shoes are reviving in full force and in many styles.

Big Jewelry

Large earrings and gaudy necklaces are only adding to the 80s influx that will be taking to the streets when spring hits. Where last year was the year of the choker and smaller pieces, 2017 is exploding onto the scene with loud jewelry.

T-Shirt Slogans

A more casual and comfortable trend coming forward is the statement t-shirt. Emblazoned with large letters and strong words, if there was ever a year to take a stand for something, 2017 is it.

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Headshots and Comp Cards: Who Gets What?

Headshots and Comp Cards: Who Gets What?As modeling and acting have merged more and more, so, too, have their means of communicating information. Where the headshot was once strictly relegated to the actors and the comp cards belonged to the models, the line between the two has become more blurred, making their use even more confusing. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a puzzle provided you know the purpose of each and how that ties into what each audition is looking for.

Comp Cards

Short for ‘composite cards’, comp cards are a quick way to advertise a variety of looks and personalities. Typically paired with your name, body stats and contact information, the comp card is the business card of the arts. Because of this, they are deemed perfect for jobs revolving strictly around modeling or commercial print. They contain the information a modeling company needs to determine if you have what they need for the shoot – a photographic resume in a sense. As a general rule of thumb, if the gig involves any acting, do NOT send a comp card.


Headshots are single photos of the performer’s face with their resume attached to the back. In the same way a spread of your best photos speaks to a photographer, a spread of your roles speaks to your acting prowess and capabilities. It answers the question of if you could potentially fill a specific character. However, because you are relegated to a single picture, it’s virtually useless for modeling and print gigs. Due to this, only use headshots for acting gigs.

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Figuring out Fashion Weeks

Figuring out Fashion WeeksIn the fashion world, there are four main capitals – New York, London, Milan and Paris. While they’re fashion celebrations are known as weeks, the big four actually celebrate multiple times a year. In February and September/October, they reveal womenswear for the year, and in January and June/July, they showcase menswear.

New York Fashion Week

Founded in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert, New York Fashion Week occurs in America’s most well-known metropolis. This week is often considered to be the one held in the highest regard historically as it is the oldest of the four. It is also unique in that it features “resort/cruise” and “bridal” shows during the celebrations.

London Fashion Week

London is the last of the four to join the festivities, having only been an event since 1984. Of the four, London’s celebration of fashion is the most traditional. That being said, it has an astounding number of off-season shows that occur throughout the year.

Milan Fashion Week

The third youngest of the group, Milan Fashion Week began in 1958 after being founded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. It is host to well over 40 different shows each season and moves their venues yearly throughout the city to spotlight beautiful locations of historic note. Because of this, Milan Fashion Week is often the one most populated with tourists.

Paris Fashion Week

Coming into existence in 1945, a mere two years after New York, Paris’ celebration is one that evolved from a long standing tradition of French pride in their fashion. There’s even a special style unique to France, known as Haute Couture, shown only here. Designed originally as a way to signify well-made clothing, it has since evolved into a cultural point of pride for the Parisians.

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Overcoming Stage Fright

Overcoming Stage FrightWhether you want it to happen or not, there’s no denying the increased heart rate and sweaty palms that signify every performer’s greatest demon – stage fright. It’s a frustrating feat that keeps many away from ever auditioning for anything, but not you. No. You’re different. You’re going to conquer this and you’re going to succeed. Here’s how to turn that monster into an ignorable nuisance.

Breathe Deep and Breath Regular

As soon as you let your breathing get out of control, everything falls apart. By allowing the heartrate to keep increasing through faster breathing, your mind is being told by your physical reactions that something is very wrong. It will then trigger even more crazy reactions in response to a fictional danger. While you can’t control your exact heartrate, breathing deep allows you to breathe slower. Breathing slower forces your heart to slow down, a reaction that then signals the brain there isn’t an immediate danger.

Protect Your Posture

In the fear of the moment, it’s not uncommon to want to slouch the shoulders or look less intimidating. This is because your brain is being told there is danger around. By coiling up, you reduce the chance of being noticed by this danger. Don’t cave in. There is no danger, and the longer you hold the strong posture, the more you convince your brain to let up on the anxiety.

Start with a Bang

The nerves never go away entirely. Every audition will yield stressful feelings. Because this is physically a buildup of energy, get yourself into a better place for the audition by opening with a piece that explodes into action at the start. Following this, you’ll find the calmer moments much easier to achieve now that your body has experienced the release it needed.

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