Let’s Get Back To Beauty Basics

Let's Get Back To Beauty BasicsIt’s time to return to skin and makeup basics! We feel women have taken to wearing too much makeup in an effort to look like the photo shopped and air brushed models in magazines. We encourage you to be yourself and let your natural beauty be the focus!

BEAUTIFUL SKIN has a subtle sheen. Stay away from matte or heavy, full coverage. The key is for your skin to look hydrated and healthy; not matte and/or powdered like a mask!

Be careful with concealer, don’t go crazy. Remember you want to show off your natural skin texture as much as possible. The objective is to NOT look like an owl!

If you have to take away some shine, go with colorless pressed powder and press over your T-Zone with a damp sponge. Or, use ‘blotting paper’ to absorb the shine.

Makeup artist, Tom Pecheux dips a foundation covered brush in a few drops of facial oil before buffing the mixture into the skin.

If you makeup is looking dry or creased, spritz some mist and use a Beautyblender to smooth creases and pat more moisture in the skin.

Peach cream blush applied across the apples of your cheeks will give you a ‘glow from within’. This is what Hung Vanngo uses on Victoria Secret models!

Keep your cell phone and eyeglasses clean (at least twice a day). They can get disgustingly dirty. Your chin and eye area will thank you while avoiding pimples and blackheads from the dirt.

Change your pillowcase every couple of days. At the very least, turn your pillow over since sleeping on dirty linens can cause acne.

And last but not least, British facialist, Emma Hardie suggests using a microfiber cloth to massage cleanser into each section of the face with little downward strokes to release tension, leaving the skin looking bright and energized.

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  1. thanks. i really encouraged to apply these basic makeup tips. In whole guide i like first two most.

  2. Lucy says:

    Awesome advice! I definitely need to clean my phone more, especially after using public transport.

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