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Questions for Your Photographer

Though we do accrue photographers we prefer to work with, seeking out new talent is a great way to expand our portfolios and abilities. When it’s time to go on this hunt, here are the four major questions you’ll want … Continue reading

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Taking Holiday Photos

It’s that time of the year again where families gather to pose for the much anticipated holiday photo! Unless your family matriarch has issued a mandate that everyone will be wearing the same color or a specific clothing item (hopefully … Continue reading

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Top 15 Photo Posing Techniques

Study fashion magazines and catalogues for posing ideas! Be natural and let your personality shine through! Poses should typically be soft and fluid – not stiff and please, no poses showing your arm pits Know your body Practice in the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Photo Shoot Wardrobe Tips

To achieve good photos it is important to be prepared for your photo shoot.  Select looks that emphasize your style, look and marketability. Dress AGE APPROPRIATE! In other words, if you are 13 years old, don’t try to look like … Continue reading

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Model Portfolio Guidlines

What is a model’s portfolio? A portfolio is a representation of your very best photography work. It serves as the model’s ‘business card’ and often times is the only thing a client sees before deciding if they want to book … Continue reading

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Top Ten Photo Shoot Tips

Once you’ve booked your photo shoot, you will want to remember these important photo shoot tips! Arrive early and well rested Arrive with a GREAT attitude! Clean face, hair and nails (only clear or nude polish is permitted) Bring all … Continue reading

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