Men’s Fall 2017 Fashion

Men's Fall 2017 FashionAs the ladies receive some Fall fashion tips, so, too, do the men have their own line up of chic looks designed to keep away the chill while still keeping it hot.

Big Business

To pair nicely with the large shoulders of female coats, men are also taking it back to the boom of 80s and Wall Street glory. Whether you work in corporate or not, looking stylish in office wear is a major player this fall. Big shoulders, sharp angles and a fancy tie are all in vogue.

Rad Red

Fashion superstars are also in agreement that red is this fall’s color star. Including bright red and the more reserved darker hues, anything worn on the outside regardless of being a top or bottom is welcome to boast a loud and proud warm look.

Boss Beret

Unlike women, men often accent their limited range of hairstyles with a wide range of hats. This year, the beret is in. French in origin, it is an unassuming addition to virtually any wardrobe that keeps the head warm while tying together the ensemble.

Snazzy Sportswear

Warm and comfy, sportswear is often coming in and out of fashion circles. This year, virtually every form of fitness gear is in. From padded outer jackets to full track suits, men are welcome to embrace the casual side of haute couture.

Sizzlin’ Seventies

This year, the 70s are making a comeback on the runway. From rugged, long hair and wild beards to odd shapes on sweaters and form fitting pants, the classic looks of rebellion and disco are returning for an updated go.

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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Fall 2017 Fashion TrendsLeaves are turning, temperatures are dropping and all around the world closets are shifting toward warmer ensembles to welcome incoming fall. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest and hottest trends this season.

Roarin’ Red

Just because the heat of the summer is fading doesn’t mean your wardrobe’s appearance has to go drab. This year, fashion designers were unanimous in their color callout. Red is in vogue and keeping things steamy well into winter.

Western Ways

Styles are heading south for the season with a number of cowboy-inspired looks from head to toe. Including cow print tops and plenty of denim, it’s time to get in touch with your more rustic side.

Perfect Plaid

Fitting in perfectly with the cowboy theme, plaid is also on its way in. From head to toe, both bottoms and tops can sport this retro vibe that looks as cozy as one should feel in the fall.

Sassy Shoulders

Continuing a trend that’s been constant throughout 2017, broad shoulders endure through this fall. Keep in mind, however, that these shoulders are meant to be found on outer coats and not on the shirts and blouses underneath.

Midi Madness

It seems fashion designers this season aren’t quite ready to say farewell to skirts. To make up for their unfriendliness to cooler temperatures, many have adjusted the length. Skirts ending right around the calves with lots of flouncy material are being welcomed with open arms.

Beautiful Belts

With so many fashion options this season revolving around loose material, designers have turned the belt once more to give shape to the shapeless. Instead of small, this season is all about just how big the belt can be.

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Growing Social Media

Growing Social MediaA huge portion of one’s presence these days in online through social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram. However, achieving fame through said outlets is a long practice in determination and dedication to growing your community. With time and effort, though, anyone can grow their reach successfully.

Choose Your Platform

Before doing anything, you need to determine what your message is. If it’s short, fun sayings, Twitter is the best platform. If you’re more of a picture person, Instagram and Snapchat are ideal. Basically, you need to know what your brand is so you can make the most of the right platform for your message. Choose the wrong one and you’ll have to work even harder to grow your audience.

Post Regularly

Whether you post once a day or once a week, regularity is a must for all social media sites. Fans are addicted to schedules and if you can’t produce content for the schedule you’ve promised them, you will lose rather than gain. As you begin testing the waters, one post per week is ideal no matter the platform.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to spread your message throughout the community as a whole, increasing the number of people that see you and potentially follow you. Social media is a popularity contest and there are many ways to win—one being community involvement. Smart use of hashtags makes it so that your name appears with the others chatting about a topic.

Share Shareables

Make sure that what you post has value. While you can engage others with hashtags, you’ll ultimately want to upload content that spreads itself across the internet with your tag as the origin. The more you can do this, the higher and faster your follower count will grow. If your posts have substance, you’re even more likely to see great growth.

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Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Men's Summer Fashion TrendsWhile female fashion has long overshadowed male, there are still plenty of ideas and compilations deigned perfect for 2017.

Haute Hiking

During a season that is as much about the outdoors as it is about relaxing inside, hiking boots are this year’s preferred footwear. Comfortable, adaptable and perfect for virtually any ensemble, it’s a look that begs to be taken out through rugged terrain.

Snazzy Sportswear

Fashion has always had a tepid relationship with workout gear. Sometimes it’s the only thing one should wear; other times it’s a huge faux pas. This year, fit is in, but not just any fit. If it’s going to be pulled off correctly, the company’s logo should be emblazoned largely and proudly somewhere on the outfit.

Mellow Yellow

Both men and women should expect a lot more yellow in their lives, be it a bright, eye-catching hue or a mellower, more toned down version. As summer is a season for spectacle, it’s appropriate to break out a color that is otherwise often overlooked.

Nicely Nautical

Be it boat shoes or embroidered anchors, a seafaring look fits right in to the summer months when sailing and surfing are at the top of everyone’s lists. Some of the more fashionable items are even designed to be waterproof so that you can set sail without having to worry about damage.

Short Shorts

What goes around comes around. It seems that the acceptable length of a pair of shorts is forever in flux. This year, don’t be caught in your knee-length workout shorts. Instead, the shorter they are, the better. While runway models revealed very white legs, it is advised you get at least a small tan before releasing your legs upon the world.

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In A Pinch

In A PinchClothing occasionally lets us down from time to time. We’ve all endured ripped pants or torn sleeves. Material breaks down, it’s only natural. Unfortunately, this can strike at that most important of times—right before heading out on stage to audition. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it to the end. If you have enough time, you can fix what seems unfixable.

A Broken Bra

Bras break. Though not common, it’s still something that has been known to plague performers. If you find yourself with a broken back clasp, head to the bathroom, take it off and tie a knot. Once the knot is secure, pull the bra back on over your head like you would a shirt. Now, because the circumference is probably a bit smaller than when it was clasped, you’ll no doubt be pinched. Grin and bear it. Same goes for an underwire that has started poking out. You can remove it once the audition ends.

A Busted Buckle

Far more common is the broken shoe buckle on items like dance shoes. Under continual wear and tear, it’s amazing they last as long as they do, and if you’re not diligent in keeping up with the state of your shoes, you could very well end up snapping a clasp right before being asked to dance. Because of this, always make sure you carry around a small sewing kit. With this, you can quickly sew the strap to the shoe so that it will stay on as you dance.

A Snapped Strap

Depending on how active you need to be, you could end up needing to do a lot or a little. If there is little movement required, simply tuck the broken strap in and move as little as possible. If you need the strap to hold, either pull out a safety pin or a sewing kit to secure the loose strap.

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Recycling the Old Into New

Recycling the Old Into NewWhen it comes to fashion, it’s safe to say that it’s an expensive business, unless you know how to make it work for you. Even without a bottomless wallet, you can craft yourself a couture that is as timeless and fashionable as a good pair of shoes.


As you go through your closet to find those items you don’t wear anymore, look for more of the extreme items that can only be worn at very specific events or situations. Chances are you have at least a few bottoms, tops and dresses that saw use once before being relegated to the closet. These are your targets for recycling because, though fashion does repeat, the most extreme parts of it don’t, meaning you run less of a risk of destroying something you could have used again.


Throughout all of fashion history, there is one rule to follow—make sure whatever you’re wearing fits your body. Fashion isn’t fashionable unless it hugs your frame. With this in mind, your more extreme outfits can be cut and tailored into anything you could imagine so long as the final product hangs off of your frame in a pleasing manner. Tight, loose, long or short, never settle for less than perfection.


Whether you yourself resew the old fashion or have a seamstress do so, don’t try to butcher the garments. Instead, look to tone down the most extreme parts. Maybe there’s a bit too much frill or maybe it hangs too much like a drape. By muting sections that belong to a very specific fashion period, you can alter anything into a special look that hearkens back to the good old days while giving you a unique style no one else can recreate.

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SAG and Joining a Guild

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buckner/Variety/REX Shutterstock (5490254a)
Screen Actors Guild Awards statue
22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations, Los Angeles, America – 09 Dec 2015

SAG and Joining a Guild

Labor unions emerged as a way for employees to leverage their power over a company to demand fair and equal work agreements. From pay to allowable hours of work, groups like this can be found in virtually every industry. That being said, nowhere are they more prevalent than within the arts.


Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Most commonly referred to as SAG, the Screen Actors Guild is a labor union founded in 1933 as a way to protect actors from the exploitation they faced regularly at the hands of the major movie studios of the time period. Including no limits on work hours and contracts that gave these studios full control of the performers’ public and personal lives, the union was a huge success, being supported by virtually all major actors of the time, including Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney.



Almost every aspect of the performing arts has guilds. Because it is a collection of professionals that protect one another, there are rules in place to verify that those applying are, indeed, what they say to be. To join SAG specifically, one of two conditions must be met. The first is that you have received work as a background actor for three days under a position covered by a SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining agreement. The second option is you having been a paid-up member of an affiliated performers’ union for a period of one year and have been paid at least once as a principal performer. From there, it’s a matter of providing the proper documentation and paying your dues once accepted.

While this is a fantastic opportunity, it does come with the downside that you can only work on SAG-approved projects after you join, something that could potentially limit your career options. In the end, it’s a decision that isn’t right for everyone but may be perfect for you.

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Summer Haircare

Summer HaircareCurly or straight, thick or thin, blonde or brunette, caring for your hair this summer is the same regardless of the genes you’re rocking.

Time to Trim

At the outset of summer, go in for a trim. No doubt the last time you had your hair cut was a while ago, meaning split ends and a flat style are sure to plague you unless you opt for a change. This is especially important since the bright days will only highlight any weaknesses. A new cut will take those away and give you a fresh palette to work with.

Careful with Chlorine

To keep our pools from filling up with dangerous bacteria, chlorine is used. Unfortunately for your hair, this abrasive chemical not only strips the pool of dangerous microbes but strips your hair of the oils that give it a healthy shine. Some blondes may even find themselves going green. The ocean isn’t any more forgiving either. The excess salt draws moisture out of your strands, leaving them limp and unappealing.

The simple way to protect your tresses before swimming in a pool or in the ocean, apply a leave-in conditioner or drench it before going for the dip. This will saturate the hair cells, reducing how many chemicals or saltwater they absorb. After swimming, be sure to wash your hair and a nearby shower or with a spray bottle filled with fresh water.

Not So Hot

While heating tools, like curling irons and flat irons, help you achieve that certain look morning-of, it’s important to give your hair a break. Already scorched under the summer sun, the extra heat damages your hair, leading to unwanted split ends and frizz. Instead, wash your hair at night and put it up in a bun or braid. In the morning, you’ll have the curls and waves that you can then set with a touch of hairspray.

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Summer Sun Skin Care

Summer Sun Skin CareThough it provides us with ample amounts of vitamin D and decorates our skin with beautiful, natural tans, the sun can also be a negative force. Too much wrinkles the skin prematurely and unintended burns can lead to skin cancer later in life. With the right steps, though, you can avoid such bad side effects.

Face Time

Even if you’re only outside long enough to get to work and make it home, your face is still hit by the rays of the sun. Because hats are no longer fashion forward, it’s best to invest in sunscreens with adequate SPF. The shorter your time in the sun, the smaller the SPF rating you’ll need. For those that wear make-up, look for concealers and foundations with built-in sunscreen to protect your face for a protective look that avoids appearing greasy.

Blocking Rays

For the rest of the body, invest in breathable materials, such as cotton, if you work out in the sun. Though it might be uncomfortable, the material will protect you from direct UV damage. Should the material be translucent or you wear as little material as possible due to the temperature, sunscreen is your best friend. If you want a slight tan, go for a lower number. As for when to apply it, slather it on whenever you feel like the previous layer is beginning to wear off.

Drink Water

Never underestimate the sheer importance of getting enough water in these hot summer months. With the increased heat, your body will be sweating more than normal as a way to regulate your internal temperature, resulting in increased water loss when compared to the winter months. Apart from helping the body stay you cool, remaining hydrated keeps the skin looking full and fit with that healthy summer glow.

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Beach-Ready Beauty

Beach-Ready BeautyJust because you’ll be hitting the waves this summer doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to do so without your signature face. Check out these awesome options for a long lasting look this summer.

Fixed Foundation

MAC is a well-known name in the makeup world. Covering pretty much every type of makeup, one of their top options this summer is the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. Free of oil and useable as both a foundation and a concealer, it’s a great option for a more permanent base that will also keep you looking cool without looking greasy.

Must-Keep Mascara

Of all the aspects of your look that should never smudge, it’s the mascara. Notorious for creating unflattering raccoon eyes, it becomes even scarier when water sports are involved. Improving their already legendary formula, Too Faced’s Better Then Sex Waterproof Mascara uses collagen to enhance the lashes while maintaining that dramatic flair no matter deep you dive.

Luscious Lips

Because most outside looks don’t employ intense lipstick color, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep a nice pink or rose going throughout the day. Beauty Bakerie offers just the trick with their Lip Whip brand of matte lip colors. Trending more toward natural lip hues, they are as subtle as they are substantial when it comes to surviving a dip.

Long-lasting Liner

For a more decorated eye, it’s impossible to go without some variation of eyeliner design. Often even more treacherous than mascara when introduced to water, there are specially designed liners that can take everything, including tears, chlorine and ocean water. Cherry Blooms’ 24 Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner offers continual protection as well as the precision required by so many of today’s eye designs.

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