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I am excited to have the opportunity to discover new talent with JC centers. - Rachel Khona, Q Models

We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with the JC Centers; and are always excited about seeing the new talent in hopes of finding our next star! - Erin Lucas, Director, Wilhelmina Miami

I have worked with the JC Centers for many years. We have consistently found great models from all over the United States through the Centers. The JC Centers are also a great way to educate oneself not only about modeling, but the acting and entertainment business as well! - Karen Lee, Director of Scouting, Elite Model Management

I have found many amazing new faces from John Casablancas students. I am always more than happy to work with the staff at John Casablancas because I know that they have a way in finding great new talent. As always, it is our pleasure to work with such professional and reliable people. Keep up the good work! - Erin Lundgren, Director of Special Events & Scouting, New York Models/LA Models

I always find good models, professionalism and good collaboration at John Casablancas Center. It is the easiest way to scout new faces from all over the United States. Thank you guys for existing. - Giorgio Riviera, Flash Model Management, Milan Italy

For 25 years I have seen the great contribution the John Casablancas Centers have made in starting the careers of models and actors all over the U.S. Because of this, I am particularly proud, as both a teacher and recruiter for the New York Film Academy, to work hand in hand with the Centers in offering incentive scholarships to the Academy to their talented graduates. - David Vando, Teacher/Recruiter, New York Film Academy

JC/MTM has always set the standard for great models and talent. Since working with them I have always been pleased with the models presented to me. As an international model scout for the Asian fashion markets, I have found some amazing young women and men, that are not only good for fashion but for commercial and catalog work as well. I have always been able to place their models, not only in Asia, but in the states and Europe as well. This is due to the fact that their talent is prepared in all aspects of the business. Working with the models from JC/MTM makes it easier in this highly competitive business. I know when I place and/or represent a model from MTM and John Casablanca's they are ready to work. - Daniel Jackson, Public Model Club

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