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I can not give John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center of Hartford enough praise for what they have done for my career over the years. I started modeling classes in 2003 at the shy, insecure age of 15. I was nervous about walking the runway in front of peers, memorizing scripts, and doing my own makeup for the first time. Little did I know that in 14 short weeks, I would be a professional model with all the tools and tricks of the trade perfected! My self-confidence boosted, I was eager to walk on a runway in front of other models, and I aced my beauty final exam. What a difference JC made! I have participated in numerous fashion shows, was part of the first ever Full-Figure Fashion Week in New York City, have graced the pages of Manik Magazine, Plus Model Magazine, and numerous newspapers, and am just getting started! I am so proud of my accomplishments over the years, and can not give enough loyalty and thanks to Tina! She is the one who pushed me to pursue my dreams and challenge myself, and I respect and cherish our relationship! John Casablancas is where I started, and I will continue to strive for success and give all credit to them for helping me do so! - Katherine Roll

I graduated from the Hartford/Rocky Hill Center back in 2001. I started booking local runway and print jobs immediately and I was elated! The center held a casting for NBC's Sports Illustrated Model Search, which I booked and was flown out to L.A for the first time! With Tina's help I've been placed with different agencies nationally and am currently based in New York City with New York Models. I am proud to say that John Casablancas has opened up several doors for me. I've braced pages of magazines, I've been on t.v and radio, I've travelled, and I've met lots of interesting people! Thank-you John Casablancas and Tina!!! - Adaora

I started my training with John Casablancas when I was 15 years old. I was so excited to be part of the JC team. I waited until I graduated to pursue larger markets and now through the connections at JC work in the industry as a professional print/runway model. The training has built my confidence and given me the skills and tools necessary to have an edge in the industry. I love my job as a professional model and I have to thank John Casablancas team for believing in me. - Ami Hixson

Modeling has been my full time career for the past six years, but my success is based upon my experience with John Casablanca's Modeling and Career Centers in Hartford, Connecticut. My late teen years and early 20's have been filled with a hectic whirlwind of travel to six continents and amazing bookings which include Cosmopolitan, Surface, YM, Glamour, Italian Elle, and many other prestigious magazines. I flip through my new editorials with intense anticipation and excitement because even after all this time, I still can't believe my career. I realize that if I hadn't started the program at the JC Center under the strong guidance of the owner, Tina Kiniry, I wouldn't have such amazing experiences to share. I met Tina when I was a shy and nervous fifteen year-old. I remember listening to Tina intently as she explained the Women's Professional Modeling Program as well as the opportunities that happened afterwards. I wasn't sure what I wanted out of modeling, but I thought I should investigate my options. I began classes shortly after the initial meeting and I was pleasantly surprised each week I went to the Center. It wasn't just about putting on make-up, taking pretty pictures or learning a runway walk. The classes were a wonderful self-discovery each week. Could I memorize lines for a TV ad? Yes! Could I get through a photo shoot? Yes! Could I ace a make-up final? Yes! I began noticing lots of changes in myself, such as raising my hand in school more often and making more of an effort to try new things. I had some excellent teachers at the Center. I still remember Joan, the make-up teacher's lecture on proper skincare, which I still follow to this day. I remember Walter, the photographer's advice on movement for the camera. I remember the staff and fellow models encouraging and supporting me throughout my entire career. My biggest champion, however, has been Tina. I am highly cognizant of how fortunate I am to have such an incredible manager. She always steers me in the right direction, values my opinions and even invites me into her own home whenever I am in Connecticut. Not many models at my level can boast such strong support from their mother agency. My experience through the JC Center has proven to be invaluable. I realize I owe a lot to the program that launched my highly successful career and I feel incredibly fortunate for taking advantage of the opportunities that came my way because of John Casablancas. - Liz

John Casablancas, and MTM have helped me so much to get me prepared for the success that I am experiencing in my career. I just auditioned for Vampire Diaries, a Pearl Vision photo shoot and commercial that films in New York and an independent film. Thank you for all your help. - Santiago

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